The LionHeart Challenge is a fantastic and unrivalled practical learning experience for Young People. It gives them time with experienced Business Coaches, Entrepreneurs and successful start up Businesses, introducing Young People to the wonders of creating and managing a Business. The Winners will undoubtedly create the wealth and be the Business Leaders of Tommorrow.

Brian Kingham
Brian Kingham,
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Our Business Is:Making Young Business People.

The Macro LionHeart Challenge

‘Progressive Enterprise’:

 Custom Designed for Post 16 Students

“A Highly Efficient and Effective Programme that Every School should have the opportunity to subscribe to.

The Macro LionHeart Challenge provides an Inspirational, Challenging, and Enjoyable Enterprise Learning Experience for Post 16 Students.”

 Dr. Stephen Nepaulsingh OBE, Head Teacher, Handsworth Wood Girls’ School, Birmingham

The Macro LionHeart Challenge is an inclusive Enterprise Programme custom designed for Post 16 Students of which is undertaken in a workign day period within the School itself (i.e. within a school hall, gyme hall etc).

It is delivered by our professional, in-house trained, highly skilled and dedicated Business Coaches in a creative and meaningful format to:

1. Build, enhance and reaffirm previous Enterprise and Business Learnign at either Key Stage 2,3 and 4.

2. Provide an Enterprise and Work Related Learning Experience to complement all other career related activities the School delivers to their Post 16 Students.

Each Challenge day commences with the announcement of a Challenge Theme: a Cutting Edge, Highly Technical, Economic Theme of National Importance, around which the Teams (comprising of 10 Non Friendship Group Pupils) must form a full Business Proposal.

This is achieved by the Pupils by quickly cultivating acquaintances, pulling together and working as a team to undertake a range o enterprise tasks and cover a range of business concepts at high pace. This is all accomplished inline with their Business Coach's mentoring and their understanding and use of pre-printed structured Materials that LionHeart provide.

From completion of the team’s MasterPlans and Prototype Design, preparation begins for the Final Team Powerpoint Presentations which take place infront of their peers and The Macro LionHeart Judging Panel.


Above: Actual ICT outputs at The Macro LionHeart Challenge- An example of the Virtual 4D Product Prototypes (left)and example of accompanying Powerpoint Presentation Slides (right)




Sample Macro LionHeart Materials in Finance, Product Synthesis and Marketing:


The Challenge is followed up by the provision to the School of a comprehensive 'In-School Evaluation' which details the quantitative and qualitative feedback of EVERY Student who took part, and also the feedback of the teachers and business people involved.

To view a Macro LionHeart Challenge Evaluation please click here.