The LionHeart Challenge is a fantastic and unrivalled practical learning experience for Young People. It gives them time with experienced Business Coaches, Entrepreneurs and successful start up Businesses, introducing Young People to the wonders of creating and managing a Business. The Winners will undoubtedly create the wealth and be the Business Leaders of Tommorrow.

Brian Kingham
Brian Kingham,
Founder and Chairman
of Reliance Security
Group Ltd

Our Business Is:Making Young Business People.


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"It appears to be much more meaningful and successful working with the 'experts' rather than the teachers. The support, encouragement and positivity seems to bring out the best in students. This is much appreciated and admired. LionHeart encouraged students to work outside their comfort zone ? being in groups without peers. Team spirit experience and adopted roles have encouraged students to organize themselves and to recognize that the team is important for success ? i.e. there is no 'I' in team. The range of material and the structure have encouraged continued focus ? this is fantastic. Pacing therefore is of the essence and you?ve achieved it. Well done!!"

A Gomez-Adams, Teacher, Gunnerbury Catholic School

"Extremely well led day and really put the emphasis on students. The young people thrived in the freedom they were given and were ably assisted by an excellent group of business specialists. They achieved much more than they thought they initially could which is testament to team working skills they developed and used."

Mr. Peter Hammond, Form Tutor/Teacher, Whitefield School.

"An excellent, well managed event that stretches the young people taking part. Very good support provided by LionHeart Team. An important annual event for the school."

Mr. Steve Flynn, Chair of Governors, Dormers Wells High School

"The LionHeart Challenge taught the pupils in one day, what the curriculum tries to teach in a year."

Mr Papandronicous, Business Studies Teacher, La Sainte Union Catholic Secondary School

North West

"A completely worthwhile educational experience, truly focused on the 'real world'."

G.D. Doherty, Governor, Malbank School and Sixth Form College

"Organisation superb thoroughly prepared/relevant and clear to students. Whole day was very well led and focused. Very efficient and effective team who encouraged, enthused and guided students to understand and develop as both a team member and individually. Student feedback is extremely positive ? awareness of what it means to be enterprising and encouraging their aspirations."

Ms. Suzanne Crawshaw, Deputy Head Teacher, Hameldon Community College

"It has been a superb experience for the pupils. Superbly and efficiently organized with a brilliant team of coaches who inspired and helped the pupils and very quickly gained their trust. I think this will now be a permanent feature in our school?s calendar."

Mr. Kevin Grehan, Head of Year 10, Bacup & Rawtenstall Grammar School

"The pupils got a lot from today. It was wonderful to see pupils who are usually so disaffected in a normal form educational environment flourish during the LionHeart Challenge."

Ms. Amy Smethurst, RE Teacher, Ss John Fisher and Thomas More RC Humanities College

"The programme in my opinion helps pupils to develop the self confidence to be able to achieve simply in some cases helping them to develop the communication skills and organizational skills they will need in life. There are many, many more benefits to pupils for taking part in the programme! The pupils have come away buzzing from today ? thanks."

Mr. Alistair Noakes, Career Guidance and Development Co-ordinator, Hilbre High School Community College


"The best of this kind of thing we have done. I was very impressed how 250 students sat through 24 presentations without disruption. The day was fast paced and engaged students. In the past when we have run other events truancy was a problem in the afternoon ? not with LionHeart!"

Mr. Simon Lum, HoD, Beauchamp College

"I thought the overall experience was outstanding for all of our Year 10 students. The activities were paced throughout the day and gave them pride in their own accomplishments."

Mr. Simon Lum, HoD, Beauchamp College

"A highly efficient and effective programme that every school should have the opportunity to subscribe to. Well done to Macro LionHeart Challenge for providing us with an inspirational, challenging, enjoyable learning enterprise experience."

Dr S Nepaulsingh, Headteacher, HWG Specialist Arts College


"The whole team provided excellent support for pupils. I was most impressed with the way pupils responded to the challenge and the relationships they developed with the members of the team. I would not hesitate in recommending the Challenge to others. Thank you for the smooth, well run Enterprise Day."

Mr. Colin Clow, Enterprise Co-ordinator, Cams Hill School, South East

"The LionHeart Challenge is in my view the best enterprise day/experience that you can get. It provides challenging topical scenarios in which to develop the students? skills. There is always a real buzz at the events and students are productive and enthused. There is also the added incentive of the competition and places in Regional and National Finals."

Mr. Matt Preece, Head of Business & ICT, Plume School, Eastern

"Today was superbly organized and carried out. The pupils were at their best. This wasn?t lucky, this was due to the encouragement they had on the day. A really superb achievement. The team was superb and interacted well with the kids. Thanks."

Mr. Mark Holroyd, Head of Business Studies/HoY12, Hellesdon High School, Eastern

North East

"The LionHeart team was very effective business role models and maintained interest, excitement and enjoyment. Taken the school does not offer Business Studies this day was our students first experience of Enterprise/Business Education other than in Technology. It was vital it was so good ? well done!"

Mr. Colin Beech, Assistant Principal, Featherstone Technology College

"The challenge had provided the groups with a valuable opportunity for team working. It also helped them to understand some of the real practical aspects of business planning and execution."

Dr. Alan Hunt, School Governor & University Lecturer, Cantell Maths and Computing College

"Excellent and worthwhile day for students to build self-esteem and work with others. Helped students to make decisions relevant to their age group and ability while pushing them to realize their full potential. Rewarding for staff to see students? participation. The LionHeart team was fabulous and worked well with staff and students."

Ms. Angela Horrocks, Teacher, Durham Community Business College