The LionHeart Challenge is a fantastic and unrivalled practical learning experience for Young People. It gives them time with experienced Business Coaches, Entrepreneurs and successful start up Businesses, introducing Young People to the wonders of creating and managing a Business. The Winners will undoubtedly create the wealth and be the Business Leaders of Tommorrow.

Brian Kingham
Brian Kingham,
Founder and Chairman
of Reliance Security
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Our Business Is:Making Young Business People.


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London Regional Final

"The skills which my team has developed today at the Challenge today are: how to co-operate under pressure and how to work with each other and share ideas. Out team has learned about finance in which many of us did not understand before. We have learned how to expand our creativity."

Maria Fidelis Convent School

"Our team has developed many skills during the challenge. We have been able to estimate costs of our product. We have been able to accumulate our ideas to produce one great product. Our product contains the groups hand work and our negotiations. The skills we have developed are greater IT skills, communication and product design skills."

Battersea Park School

"The most useful part of the LionHeart Challenge for us is how we used our skills. We feel that the skills we have used today, e.g. Math, ICT have been more useful and helpful while doing this project. We have also developed new skills such as team work and co-operation."

Dormers Wells High School

"Today we have learnt how to successfully operate as a team and have discovered many new ideas about team management and teamwork. We have learnt to listen to everyone’s ideas, approach everything with democracy, take on people’s advice and improve, criticize and praise constructively, to further our experience of computers, finance and marketing. All these skills have helped us to develop our product today. We also learnt lots of useful and helpful things today; and we can take these skills with us through life. Most importantly we have learnt how to work as a team in a friendly professional manner. We know how to work together to get the best result possible. We now know that in business no one gets very far on their own."

Cannon Palmer Catholic School

"Today we have learnt a range of new skills and we have also developed the skills we already have. One of these skills we have developed is teamwork. We have elaborated on our skills to co-operate with the other members of our team, to listen to others’ ideas, and respect those ideas. Another skill we have learnt is how to work effectively, in order to get all the tasks at hand completed. We have all previously been in situations where we have been unable to complete what we have been asked to and now today we have learnt how to make sure that all tasks are done, and have done on a high standard too. Also we learnt about time keeping, work to a deadline and ensure that the work is done to the deadline."

La Sainte Union Catholic Secondary School

"At the beginning of the day we arrived in the stadium, we looked around as the room filled and our hearts started beating harder but we maintained our nerve and as team leader I kept their moral alive as there was no reason why we could not win. Our timing was slacking and we were behind. I informed the team and we stepped up a gear and got back to our work with everything needed done. The experience is great and we know what real competition could mean. Our team feels that the most useful thing the LionHeart Challenge has provided for us, JP2 students, is not just a day outside of school but also the experience of how business works and what it takes to run successfully with minimum arguments and problems."

John Paul II Roman Catholic School

Midlands Regional Final

"Our team working skills have dramatically improved through the day. We have all become a lot more co-operative with each other and the experts and Business coaches available to us. We have learned more about each other’s skills and how well we can all cope under the pressure of a deadline. Each member of the team has learnt more about the area of business they worked in and have all become a lot more confident in viewing their questions and ideas."

North Bromsgrove High School

"I have thoroughly enjoyed working with my team and feel that we have all grown as people since participating. We have all overcome problems but I am most proud of Laura for overcoming her dyspraxia and presenting to the judges."

"I feel all of our team has overcome nerves and all working together as one. I feel excited with responsibility of presenting and that my team is backing me all the way."

"It has been a wonderful experience for my business skills to grow. We have worked well as a team and due to the fact I do not normally speak to these people, I feel more confident."

"I think that everyone in the team worked well; we had our high and low points but we overcame them. And were hoping to win because we are in it to win it!"

"It has been a wicked day and I have learnt some new skills on the cinema 4D programme."

"It has been a great day and I have experienced many other business skills."

"I have really enjoyed doing the LionHeart Challenge today. It has been one in a lifetime experience and I have had a magnificent day."

"I have really enjoyed the day. It made you think about how much work actually goes into making a product. But overall it was a fun day and every school should get the chance to do the LionHeart Challenge."

St Thomas More Catholic School

"The team has only 5 members meaning all of us has 2 or more roles. I [team leader] have adapted to the different personalities in the group and tried to lead everybody to the timetable. It has been hard because we are 5 members short. We have all learnt to share and develop our ideas and meet as a team every 30 minutes. This helps us to organize and structure our work. We can also collaborate in areas that are not so good. We motivate each other and keep each other positive because our team is so small. We have asked for advice from experts and have used this to help to develop our product. This should hopefully help us create the best product and win!"

Wednesfield High School

"Working in a team together and communicating skills. The team shared jobs to help each other. We worked in groups of twos and split the work between each other, this made it much easier as one person did not have to do all the work. This also made the team stronger and better. We all have successfully completed each of the tasks given to each student. The tasks given were research 1 and research 2; then there was a product design which had to be designed using the Cinema 4D software. In between each task we debated and reviewed and checked. Before we have done our product design we were taught how to use the Cinema 4D software. The group which worked with the financial management had worked out their prices in the UK and got most of information from researchers which is why we had researchers. We also had a team member which checked and instructed us to tell us how much time we had and what we had to do. The researchers had found information from internet."

Broadway School

"During the duration of the LionHeart Challenge our group has developed a number of skills. One of the main skills that we have picked up is how vital it is to work as a team! Also communicate with respect, if you do not communicate together, the group will fall apart. I think our group is interacting with each other really well to make sure where finished in time. We have learnt about time management and how to keep on track with what we need to do. We have also been able to take on roles and tasks we need, we have all learnt new things, e.g. designing. Our team feels that the most useful part of the challenge experience has been working together and as a team we have talked about things and gave our opinions. I think that we can now give time to hear others talk about their ideas & opinions. We are able to communicate more with each other. Today has made us realize that it is a team effort."

George Salter School

"Our team has developed a variety of different skills through working together. We have learnt how to work together with people we do not necessarily spend a lot of time with. We’ve learnt to communicate and integrate our ideas to find a compromising design solution. We have each been designated a specific area and we have each stuck to it and helped one another where there have been cross roads. In our team, we feel, that the most useful part of this challenge has been learning of organizational skills, which have led t successes through teamwork. Furthermore, the experience has improved our skills of working under pressure. Despite incredibly tight deadlines, working as a team has led to us completing everything we were assigned to."

Oldbury College of Sport

North West Regional Final

"Our team has learnt how to work under very pressurizing conditions and it has brought us better team and communication skills. We have also learned how to think, act & react as a business person in different conditions."

Christ the King School

"At the beginning of the day our team democratically split into different roles we allocated. This showed our teamwork and co-operation, which was present throughout the challenge. Our group realized that everybody has a valuable input, this was shown best during the brainstorming activity where the group had to co-operate and discuss ideas confidently. Team’s moral is high with confidence being one of our best attributes. As a result of this, team members feel they can say anything without being involved in an argument or confrontation. The most useful learning experience of the LionHeart Challenge was being able to experience first-hand the world of business and all the factors you need to take into consideration when designing a product. Team members realized that teamwork and co-operation is vital when completing tasks and that one person cannot win on his/her own, meaning everybody is necessary."

North Chadderton School

"Over the course of the day my team and myself have developed a variety of new skills. We have learned how to further co-operate with each other and share ideas, enhancing our teamwork. We have developed our financial skills by working as a team to work out profits and other calculations. We have all improved our communication skills by talking to and learning from many of the experts at today’s challenge. The presenters also feel they have gained confidence from speaking in front of a large crowd. Overall, we all feel like we have learned a lot from today’s challenge. The most useful part of today is working as a team to produce a product that we have all thought of together. Learning how the business industry works and how to create a product that is useful and creating a profit out of the final product."

Crompton House School

"Our team has developed many skills during the LionHeart Challenge. We have had to work as a team and individually to design and create a product. We have also learnt what real business is like and what we need to do to succeed in business. We really enjoyed our business experience during the LionHeart Challenge. The most useful part of the Challenge was learning how to design, create and manufacture a product effectively.’ ‘Our team has developed many skills during the LionHeart Challenge. We have had to work as a team and individually to design and create a product. We have also learnt what real business is like and what we need to do to succeed in business. We really enjoyed our business experience during the LionHeart Challenge. The most useful part of the Challenge was learning how to design, create and manufacture a product effectively."

Oulder Hill Community School and Language College

"During the Challenge we have had to work as a team to get things done. We have had to learn new skills quickly like the finance and ICT jobs. We have had to use organizational skills to keep track of what we have done and what we have yet to do. We have also had to use a lot of communication skills to make sure we knew what everyone was doing. The most useful part of the LionHeart Challenge is having to come up with ideas, develop them and bring it all together into a final product. It is useful to all to be given a role and each have jobs to do."

Wentworth High School

"Our team has taken pride in designing a product to go onto the final. We have enjoyed using creativity, teamwork and communication. We enjoyed working with our coach and other real-life business professionals to make our product come together to be the product you choose to win! LionHeart has brought out qualities in our team that we never knew we had. Thank you very much to LionHeart, CIMA and all the other organizations here today! Out team has hugely improved through the course of the day. Through adapting roles and responsibilities we have learnt that we rely on each other to bring ourselves success. We have communicated clearly and have also listened to each other carefully to help us progress further in the LionHeart Challenge. We are grateful to all the organizers for allowing us to be a part of the LionHeart Challenge and to learn to put into practice so many new skills like teamwork, co-operation, communication and responsibility."

Hameldon Community College

North East Regional Final

"Most useful part of the LionHeart Challenge has been learning how to work with other materials, working with expert helpers who were helping the team to stay on task, working in groups. The input was great from everyone. Our team has developed skills of: using Cinema 4D, working with people we would not work with, looking at people’s strengths and helping them, having group meetings to discuss our ideas. We made sure one idea was all ours so we all agreed, we learnt how hard being in a business really is and we made sure everyone took part."

Withernsea High School

"At the LionHeart Challenge today my team has developed brilliantly. To be honest, at the beginning we didn’t really have any ideas and other teams were already pulling ahead of us and we did not think we could win. But as we saw that the other teams were pulling ahead we really found our determination and we really came together as a team and got on with our task. The main skills that we have developed from this task are the abilities to work well as a team with people we did not usually work with back at school. Overall we have become better friends and we have thoroughly enjoyed this task. We believe that the most useful part of the LionHeart Challenge was to work together as a team and build our friendships. We also enjoyed the challenge that was set, although it was hard, we worked together and came up with a good product which we believe will win the LionHeart Challenge 2009!"

Rastrick High School

"We feel that the most successful part of the LionHeart Challenge was working together as a team and getting along well with each other. We feel that it helped us with our communications skills and in the future we will be able to work together well in unfamiliar circumstances. We feel a lot more confident with each other and are now not afraid to express our opinions and share our ideas. We feel that because we worked together well, research and prototype went really well. Because we put all our ideas together, we came up with a unique and brilliant idea. We were able to communicate with each other and because of this we all knew exactly what to do. We feel we were all dedicated and motivated to the task and we kept each other motivated. We made sure we encouraged each other and when something was done well and correctly we congratulated each other. We have learnt how to work together in a team, with people we would not normally work with because we have a fairly big group we needed to ensure that we used good communication skills. This ensured that everyone was able to give their opinions and have their say. We also made sure that everybody was involved and so we made sure encouraged each other and gave each other support. Depending on what job you had, you had to apply certain skills and techniques such as people who were creating the slideshow needed to ensure they applied ICT skills; people who were in charge of finances needed to make sure they used their maths’ skills. We also used CGI skills and CAD skills. People who were creating our presentations and posters needed to make sure they were creative and imaginative. We needed good social skills because we needed to explain ourselves fully and make sure we were clear in what we were telling the judges. We also needed to be confident when asking Keith questions and stage presence, we also needed charisma to make sure our presentations was interesting. Our team leader also needed good leadership skills and we had to make sure we co-operated with each other to make sure success was succeeded."

Bingley Grammar School

"Our team has worked extremely well together. We worked close together and have had no conflicts. We learned some vital skills in the business world such as how to properly compose a financial model and how to work well as a team. Furthermore, we have learnt the importance of teamwork. In my opinion the most useful past of our learning experience was learning the ability to use new technology that we haven’t used before, most of us have not even heard of it before. Another useful part of our experience was working as a team and getting to know each other. Before this none of us would have worked together but now we are closer."

Featherstone Technology College

"During today’s LionHeart Challenge our team has used several skills. Some of these skills are team building, financial and also marketing skills. These skills have been developed throughout the day to allow us to create our product FP2000. Our team has worked well together which has helped us to reach our final product. We have worked well as a team to have developed our skills. Overall, during today’s LionHeart Challenge our group’s communication skills really improved. Doing that we’re able t become a good team with very useful answers. Another thing is our effort which we have put into our project, giving it a great boost in our confidence and group activity. Another thing was our positive attitude, keeping the morale of the team very high."

Boldon School