The LionHeart Challenge is a fantastic and unrivalled practical learning experience for Young People. It gives them time with experienced Business Coaches, Entrepreneurs and successful start up Businesses, introducing Young People to the wonders of creating and managing a Business. The Winners will undoubtedly create the wealth and be the Business Leaders of Tommorrow.

Brian Kingham
Brian Kingham,
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Our Business Is:Making Young Business People.

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London Regional Final

"Thank you so much for all your enthusiasm, organisation and energy and for letting me share in that. I had a brilliant day and learnt so much about what children are capable of. The project is challenging, inspiring and educational all in one go- and that?s just if you?re a judge!

I would like to write to Alexandra and Chelsea?s teacher to let her know what wonderful judges they made and how they truly helped us pull it all together at the eleventh hour. Does she have email?"

Ms. Helen Tiffany, NORLAND. LIONHEART Judge

"I wanted to add my thanks for the opportunity to get involved in something like this. Great to see we have so many potential budding marketers in the pipeline!"

Mr. Steve Revill, Head of Marketing, CIM. LIONHEART Expert Help

"Provides good role models and positive impressions."

Mr. Matthew Needham, CIMA. LIONHEART Judge

"I thought the event was very well organized, very challenging for the young people and there?s the opportunity to show creativity and teamwork. The event also helps to learn the new skills and improve on existing ones. Could help to have more finance experts as was 'required' a lot towards the end."

Ms. Charlotte Jones, Network Rail, CIMA. LIONHEART Expert Help

"I was very impressed by the motivation of the participants and their ability to stand up and present and also to explain their business case confidently to judges. I very much enjoyed watching their technical, financial and creative ideas take form and it was fun to work with secondary school age pupils."

Mr. Simon Collins, CIMA. LIONHEART Expert Help

"I had a fantastic time as an expert in the London heat of LionHeart. The event was well structured and well run, and the kid?s enthusiasm and ingenuity was truly impressive. I think events like this are great at opening children?s eyes to their potential in future careers, as well as helping them to realize their creativity and skills that may not have been tested previously."

Mr. Rowan Bomphray, Finance Graduate, CIMA. LIONHEART Expert Help

"I thought this was a fantastic event that showed how contrary to the media portrayal of young people, they are in fact enthusiastic, disciplined and incredibly talented. At age 14 I would have struggled to demonstrate either the business acumen or flair for design that these teams showed. A very worthwhile event!!"

Mr. Andrew Roe, London Fire Brigade, Station Manager A31 Holloway . LIONHEART Expert Help

"Very good event and pleasing to see what it did for the young people. Excellent subject matter/theme, good to encourage thought around this area."

Mr. Rhys Powell, Group Manager, borough Commander for the London Borough of Islington. LIONHEART Judge

"It?s fantastic to be involved this year with Lionheart. It?s great to see young people given a chance to show how well they can do in business, working to individual strengths as well as a team"

Mr. Luke Stacy, Managing Director, MAXON. LIONHEART Judge

Midlands Regional Final

"The determination and focus was great to witness first hand...This has been a fantastic day that has allowed the teams to gain a valuable insight into what I see as an everyday requirement of my own stuff. These skills they have learnt will help to give them a firm understanding of business language as they get close to the age where it will become part of their daily life."

Mr. Adam Nelson, NORLAND. LIONHEART Judge

"The chance to interact with people from a range of businesses and backgrounds will serve them well for their future"

Mr. Derek Millward, CIM. LIONHEART Judge

"I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being a LionHeart Challenge Judge. The enthusiasm of the participating students and indeed of the Lion Heart Challenge personnel was catching. I don?t think I have ever walked into a room where I have been received with such rapturous applause. I had to look round to see if some celebrity had walked in behind me - but no, the applause was for us the judges!

It was a great pleasure to be invited to present certificates and trophies to the winning teams. There was genuine delight from all the participants for the various winners which was wonderful to experience. I was amazed at the amount of effort each team was putting into their work - great to see and indeed to be a part of."

Mr. Derek S C Milward MBA, Dip. M. MCIM, MCMI, FHEA, Cert. Ed. Chartered Marketer. LIONHEART Judge 

"True life pleasure with measurement. Targets and results that need to be realistic."

Mr. Nigel Harper, CIM. LIONHEART Expert Help

"Fantastic event. Commendable work by organisers and helpers. Should get more publicity/funding to allow more schools to get involved."

Ms. Sharan Kandola, CIMA. LIONHEART Judge

"The LionHeart Challenge was a great opportunity and learning experience for Pupils who are interested in the Business World and developing their entrepreneurial skills to help create the future wealth, knowledge and professionalism needed for the UK to compete on a global scale. The LionHeart Challenge provided the opportunity for CIMA West Midlands to get involved and give back to our local community whilst enhancing our profession within a rapidly changing business environment. Ultimately, this will feedback into the betterment of our future professional Accountancy body (CIMA) via greater motivated and more rounded student / Members who enjoy 'adding value' to organisations and society in the future. CIMA truly stands out as the key Accountancy profession which encourages Business, Business people and Business skills whilst making Accountancy fun, as opposed to its unfair boring stereotype."

Mr. Damon Hillan, CIMA. LIONHEART Judge

"Excellent to see practical application of business management tools in young people ? a great boost to academic study."

Ms. Erica Williamson, Young People?s Learning Director, LSC. LIONHEART Judge 

"The participants all appeared to be well motivated and engaged, learning a good range of business disciplines including impressive presentation skills."

Mr. Dave Walton, Head of Emergency Response, Operations Support Department, West Midlands Fire Services. LIONHEART Judge 

"My first impression when briefed in my role as a judge was that the task which was set for the participants was colossal and seemingly unachievable within the time allocated.

It soon became apparent, however, that the participants were equal to the task and set about it with vigour and enthusiasm. The end result was a polished, well researched and evidenced presentation that would stand the test of any employer.

My total admiration is due to all of the participants for their teamwork and sheer energy."

Mr. Dave Walton, Head of Emergency Response, West Midlands Fire Service. LIONHEART Judge

North West Regional Final

"I thoroughly enjoyed it I was genuinely impressed by the ideas and enthusiasm of the groups I have interacted with.I liked the fast paced, and very high energy 'mood' of the day."
Mr.Nick Hawkins, CIM. LIONHEART Expert Help.

"It is a really good event, maybe too compressed to be 100% successful but it does give the participants a pretty clear idea of what business is about. It is an excellent challenge for those individuals that support the event too. It certainly tested my marketing knowledge. If the event could be constructed in such a way to provided a little more time for the participants to concentrate on the detail then it could challenge for the gold standard of enterprise programmes."

Mr. Paul Matthews, Chair CIM Lancashire. LIONHEART Expert Help.

"The way the whole programme is put together ensures participation from all classes within society and as such takes away social limitation from enterprise and innovation."

Ms. Francesca Windsor, CIMA. LIONHEART Judge.

"It is a stimulating exercise for those who want to grasp the opportunity."

Mr. Neil Collin, CIMA. LIONHEART Expert Help

"I feel that the challenge was a wonderful opportunity for the young people to show their individual skills whilst working in a team. The teams I helped were so enthusiastic and eager to learn. It was a refreshing change."

Ms. Julie Powell, CIMA. LIONHEART Expert Help

"Wonderful day, well organised. Terrific to see such budding talent. Fantastic opportunity to work with such talented young people and to showcase the benefits of CIMA."

Mr. David Stanford, CIMA. LIONHEART Judge

"The competitors were brilliant, enthusiastic and renewed my optimism in youth. The subject matter was realistic and very challenging ? given the age and experience of the competitors ? I think they were tremendous."

Mr. Tony Doherty, Chief Superintendent, Merseyside Police. LIONHEART Judge 

"The LionHeart Challenge is a great introduction to the business disciplines and skills required in a commercial environment. The event encourages entrepreneurialism and team work, and I would strongly recommend that schools support their students in every way possible to take part.

The design of the day is very similar to business challenges, and gives a flavour of working under pressure as a team - and as an individual with responsibilities and deadlines. A superb preparation for working life!"

Mr. Darrell Matthews, Regional Director, IoD North West. LIONHEART Judge

"I was very impressed with how the school teams worked together and dealt with a complex business issue in a relatively short period of time. There were some great ideas generated and it was quite refreshing to see such free thinking being channeled to provide a structured commercial solution."

Mr. Steve Barker, Business Development Director, UCS Civils (CIM). LIONHEART Expert Help

North East Regional Final

"Fun filled day with an educational and social input. I think maybe the challenge may need to be simplified."

Mr. Alam Zeb, CIM. LIONHEART Expert Help

"An enjoyable day spent with you. It deserves only a publicity in the media to show a real positive side of young people and for those helping out ? to show the business to education partnership is working."

Mr. Graham Webb, CIM. LIONHEART Expert Help 

"I was very impressed with how the school teams worked together and dealt with a complex business issue in a relatively short period of time. There were some great ideas generated and it was quite refreshing to see such free thinking being channeled to provide a structured commercial solution."

Mr. Steve Barker, Business Development Director, UCS Civils. LIONHEART Expert Help

"It is very good to see that the teams have a very wide range of abilities. Information provided to team, e.g. technical, expert and ITC is very good. Material prompting step and calculations is very clear."

Ms. Anna Schofield, CIMA. LIONHERAT Expert Help

"It is a competitive environment which prepares the participants for the world of work and promotes team work and self confidence."

Mr. Craig McIntosh, Assistant Chief Fire Officer & Director of Fire Safety and Community. LIONHEART Judge 

"A fast, furious and fun immersive activity that engaged all team members, exploited and developed individual/collective skills and talents, values pupils existing ideas and generated new, exciting ones!"

Ms. Karen O?Rourke, Academic Developer, Institute of Enterprise at Leeds Metropolitan University. LIONHEART Judge