The LionHeart Challenge is a fantastic and unrivalled practical learning experience for Young People. It gives them time with experienced Business Coaches, Entrepreneurs and successful start up Businesses, introducing Young People to the wonders of creating and managing a Business. The Winners will undoubtedly create the wealth and be the Business Leaders of Tommorrow.

Brian Kingham
Brian Kingham,
Founder and Chairman
of Reliance Security
Group Ltd

Our Business Is:Making Young Business People.

Business Professionals Input

The LionHeart Challenge has recieved Nationwide recognition from Leading Business and Academic Experts in many fields, for example finance, marketing and product design. These Business Leaders dedicate and contribute their time, resourses and efforts to ensure that the Students at LionHeart are gaining a full, High Level Business Experience.

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National Sponsor:

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Expert Help Advisors and Judges:

Our Expert Help Advisory and Judging Panels are made up, year on year, by Leading Industry Players from not only our Sponsor Organisations, but also by other Industry Experts, Experts from the World of Academia and from those Sectors relating to The Challenge Theme the Students are tackling. Please click on the following icons to view each individual Organisation and their role at The LionHeart Challenge.




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