The LionHeart Challenge is a fantastic and unrivalled practical learning experience for Young People. It gives them time with experienced Business Coaches, Entrepreneurs and successful start up Businesses, introducing Young People to the wonders of creating and managing a Business. The Winners will undoubtedly create the wealth and be the Business Leaders of Tommorrow.

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Area Finals



The LionHeart Challenge First Ever Area Final for Sunderland Schools!



On Monday the 7th of July, Sunderland were the First Ever Area of the country to host a LionHeart Area Final! This was ran as a key part of Sunderland's dynamic and proactive strategy to create a vibrant and robust business start-up rate: the Working Neighbourhoods Strategy.

Following Sunderland's Schools taking part at an In-School LionHeart Challenge, their winning teams came together to take part in the Demand-Driven and Real-Time LionHeart Area Final to try and compete to become the School that will go on to represent the Sunderland Area at The LionHeart Northern Final!


Participating Schools & their Business Plan Key Outcomes:

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 The Eminent Judging Panel:


Judging on the day was Sunderland City Council's very own Head of Strategic Economic Development, Chair of the Working Neighbourhood Strategy Board Mr. Vince Taylor. Also stepping in to aid in the development of the Team's Business Plans on the day are some of the most Prominent and Leading Entrepreneurs and Business Figures in the industry today, including a delegation all the way from Northern Ireland specifically to preside over The Sunderland Area Final, including Mr. Harold Baird the incoming Global President for The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.

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 The Expert Help Advisory Panels:

At The LionHeart Challenge Regional Finals the competing teams have access to a Panel of 'Expert Help Advisors' from the realms of Business, Industry and Academia which specialism in:

...all of whom are real life practitioners from the Business World!


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The Challenge Theme of the day:

"To conceptualise, design and create a Product or Device that would become a major aid to Fire Prevention in the UK"


 The Champion Schools:

Overall Winners and Sunderland Regional Finalist Teams:

Team 4 - The Venerable Bede C of E School
Team 9 - Thornhill School


Winning Teams Business Proposal Overview:

The Venerable Bede C of E School:

The Fire Buster! A household Spray that acts as an anti-inflammatory spray to stop any substance or item catching alight. At only £8 pounds per unit this product was affordable, setting sales expectations way past the Break Even Point of 2857 units and estimating the Team a Net Profit of £60,000 for Year 1 alone. To help the Team in reaching their target sales numbers the Team planned to advertise on local radio stations, newspapers, posters and demonstrations to ensure they stayed within their Marketing Budget.

Thornhill School:

Cut of Point! A Heat Detecting Socket Plug, that works through use of a Heat Sensor and automatically ceases power to any appliance when the temperature of them rises above 200degrees. The Heat Sensor costs £100 per unit, and the Team planned to raise the funds they need to get their Business Started by gaining loan capital from HSBC and Natwest, and also in raising Share Capital from various identified Shareholders. To ensure the Marketplace found out about their new and exciting product the Team planned to hold a Launch Party to create excitement and buzz around their Product, while also supplementing that with advertising on Billboards and Television to provide many opportunities to see.

Key Category Winners:

1. Research Proposal - Team 11 - Washington School

2. Formal Presentation - Team 3 - Monkwearmouth School

3. Best use of Technology - Team 4  - The Venerable Bede C of E

4. Best Financial Plan – Team 11 – Thornhill School

5. Most Effective Team - Team 9 - Thornhill school

6. Best Marketing Plan - Team 12 - Oxclose School



Feedback from Sunderland's Teachers & Schools involved in The LionHeart Challenge:

At all Stages of The LionHeart Challenge, we Comprehensively Evaulate with all Participants who take part (please click here to view more on our evaluation process), and the Sunderland Area Finals were no different.

Please see below some of the Feedback given at the Sunderland Area Final as well as the the full Teacher Feedback and Evaluation by clicking on the icon below...

“Pupils worked as a team and were engaged and enthused by the activities.  During the process they gained many new skills due to the excellent facilitators who had excellent understanding and knowledge.  Students were guided through every stage of the process with clear targets, instructions and outcomes.”

 G. Sanderson, Head of Year, St. Aidan’s Catholic School

“This gave pupils the opportunity to show that they can work in unfamiliar settings/groups on something bigger and wider than school can generally provide.  It shows them that the ‘can do’ approach helps them to move on.  The LionHeart Scheme is well organized with an excellent team of coaches who get the most from all of the pupils.”

  Ms. Dawn Outen, Head of Year, Venerable Bede CofE School 

“The pupils have worked well with staff today.  The coaches were efficient and encouraged the pupils to achieve things they never thought were possible.  All of the pupils were encouraged to try new skills.”

 Ms. Gwen McNaught, Year Manager, Farringdon Community Sports College

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To view the Evaluation Report from the Sunderland Area Final please click on the icon below: